Veranda Ceramic Grill Cover Review

Using a Big Green Egg Grill sometimes becomes tricky specifically when in moist and moldy environments. Getting a good cover seems to be the absolute answer. However, finding such an elegant well-designed cover to suit your expectations without disappointments is certainly difficult. Though with this Veranda Ceramic Grill Cover, a real and lasting solution is achieved.

This customer favorite product is the best for its fashionable design, durability and extensive collection of matching products.

The Veranda Ceramic Grill line features a heavyweight Nardelli woven polyester fabric and a unique water repellent and resistant undercoating. The Gardelle one is a durable woven polyester fabric with an added UV-stabilized coating and water-resistant laminated backing.

This grill cover not only protects your grill, but even your patio furniture will get secure from all the elements. It has air vents that reduce condensation from the inside of the grill and also wind lofting.

Don’t worry about covering your grill, get the Veranda Ceramic Grill Cover and enjoy its lasting services.

Simple And Fitting

This Veranda Ceramic Grill Cover is custom-made to cover your grill securely while operating in windiest days and even moldy surroundings. By clicking the close straps snap over the wheels or legs and your grill will be safe to cover.

Again, there is an elastic hem cord with toggles that will allow you to adjust for a tight and custom fit. With this ceramic cover, your grill will never suffer any drawbacks and you will not even to be worried about packing it or even the surrounding weather.Veranda Ceramic Grill Cover Review


Proper circulation of air in any finished product is significantly important to ensure no build of moisture when it is too hot or being chilly when it is too cold. This cover solves such a problem.

With two air vents, the Ceramic Grill Cover reduces inside condensation and wind lofting, therefore, providing the required proper aeration inside the grill when covered. Therefore, your cover is saved from suffering moldy spots or even cracking due to increase in temperature.

Well Designed

This product features a well-designed elegant water repellant fabric top with a protective waterproof undercoating and a protective dark splash guard skirt.

The Nardelli woven polyester is durable and made to feature a UV stabilized coating. This cover ensures the grill under cover gets protection from being moist and therefore keeping it moist free for as long as it is tightly in place. This ceramic grill cover has the best fabric.

Easy To Handle

The Veranda Ceramic Grill cover is light in weighing only 2 pounds. This makes it easier for you to fit your cover tightly without hassle.

It has two padded handles; this ceramic cover gives you an easier fitting and removal. It also has zippered top pockets to ensure you all your grill accessories.  Again, it has an elastic hem cord with toggles that allows adjustment for a tight fit.


This Veranda Ceramic Grill Cover is guaranteed to fit ceramic grills of up to 22 inches diameter with side tables 40 inches high (Large Big Green Egg).

With this cover, you will be sure to fit all your needs with over 140 different shapes and styles, an objective that the Veranda Collection from Classic Accessories has set to achieve. So, this cover ensures all your needs and fulfillment with guaranteed performance.


  • Easier to fit
  • Waterproof
  • Well aerated
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Best for a tight and custom fit


  • It is way too big

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this cover fit with an XL Egg sitting on a cart?

A: Seriously no. Not with a cart.

Q: Will this cover guarantee me of a waterproof undercover of the grill?

A: Absolutely yes. Though you must make sure you keep your cover in perfect condition.

Q: What is the shipping weight of the product?

A: It is about 2.3 pounds.

Final Verdict

This product is one of the best in the market. Though not reviewed much by customers, the few who have had an encounter with this product can testify the benefit of it.

Woven in a Gardelle polyester fabric and a unique water repellent and undercover coating, your grill will be protected for the season to come. The cover is so beautiful because the handles make it easy to put on and take off.

The material is very sturdy and seems to be of high quality. It has buckles and an elastic lanyard to prevent it from blowing off in the wind. It is the time you stop wasting your money on other crap covers and get this good one at a fraction of the price.

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